The chief resource of Scribble, in any of its forms, is the Poets, and the poems they write for, and share with, us. The whole point of this site is to give them a place to do just that, and to provide every kind of resource, encouragement and inspiration we can devise. One of the best resources, of course, is the poems already here, and the poems we've culled from the years in Fido Net. The Anthology is another resource, and both these areas are, I hope, a source of fun. 

In this area you will find essays on how to write poetry, how to sell your poems, definitions of some of the forms, various famous theories about poetry, advice, practical know how, essays about what poetry is, why we read it, how to read it. Some, but not all of these things have appeared in Fido, and are written by long term 'Scribblers', others come out of Scribble, the hard copy, These include republished Editorials, commentaries, and even Definitions.

If there is anything that you want information about, and cannot find (and there is bound to be plenty), drop us a note and we'll try to find it for you. Or do the research yourself, write it up, and share it with others. Above all, lets make this enjoyable, as well as informative.