If Ice had Formed

If  ice had formed around Madeira
Or cycads grew around the Pole
It would not be the more surprising
Than how the mind makes poems whole

To find the skull of Alexander
The heel of Montezuma's boot
Is less astonishment for me
Than minor plangents on a lute

As if the Lord commanded you
To dip Euphrates on the sand
  Then take a fistful of the mud
To warm creation in your hand

As if the Lord instructed you
To draw a bucket up and when
You've drunk the water to the bottom
Sing the music of the wren

God has power so astounding
Time and space can hold no equal:
He puts a soul inside a skull
And draws the plan of Chartre's steeple

Never will it signify
If  bloody murder stain our hands
That human fingers cannot play
Vivaldi's suites, Bach's sarabands 




(C) Copyright  12 July, 2001
Pavel Chichikov
All Rights Reserved