(Three Poems)
Childhood - Dreaming

i close my eyes
it's after me 
i'm looking around
for a place to hide
i know there are many
but there's only one
something's after me
they're around the bend
it's at the door
i'm hiding here
it knows i am
i stand and face it
but i hide behind the door
can not move of free will
never making decisions
but it's my choice
it's chasing me
as i'm standing still
i'm alive but i'm dead
i cannot move
but i'm flying
it's caught me
but i'm still running
it jumps and ...
i awake with a start
shaking and  screaming........

maybe this means something
but for now i'll just 
cry and try and sleep again



The Trial
(The Big Lotto)

winning is surviving
losing is dying

i don't know how it's played
but i pass people in the street
talking to them about things
 - i don't know what about
watching white picket fences go by
i forget how long this goes on
but in the end
where it's big and black
there're dark figures around me
saying something
someone makes the verdict
i'm either in or out
i've never understood this

maybe it's the reason
i'm so insane today

Kiddy Feelings

running and running
from fears and misery
the beast that chases you
in your dreams
and at night
the beast is after you
it's right behind you
don't look or it will get you
swallow your breath
you find you can't see 
when you're looking at death
who offers you a hand ?
you realize
it's your mother's
and you look up and see her eyes
reassuring you you're okay
then she takes you by the neck
and you realize
it's your demise in disguise
you speak with no sound
and move without moving
running away without moving
never getting anywhere
freeze and watch time pass by
and then awaken to the sound of birds and happy sounds



(C) Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved