The World No One Knows

Bright girl she is,
Is Chessie,
Hazel eyes sparkling,
But has never desired to meet the gaze 
Of yours,
'Til she learns to like you
Smiling mischievously to herself
As she trots into the classroom,
Arms reaching out,
Yet pulls back when you reach out to her
Her small but strong hands grasping yours,
As she tries to send her silent message
Through her touch,
Her squeeze,
Through her pull,
Her push,
You are only standing there, smiling foolishly at her,
With a befuddled look on your face,
Trying to make head or tail
Out of what she is trying to tell you 
You do not know what to do 
Absolutely have no idea of how to listen to her
How to heed her requests
She has crumbled onto the floor,
Her wails of frustration sound through the whole unit
She cannot get out of her own world,
Cannot let you in her own world - 
But alas!
You don't know how to be there for her.


(C) Copyright 1999
Tina Helmerding
All Rights Reserved