Just Making Hay

Here comes spring,
Buds on the trees
Begin to bloom.
So have I,
Myself and me,
My heart, 
Mind, body and soul.

The sun's shining brightly
As realization has bitten me
On the nose
With such intensity

The days of searching for Mr. Right
The dubious feelings
Sleepless nights,
Pining for someone that isn't there
Are over!

As I look at myself in the mirror
A bright blinding smile on my face
Hey there, World!

I'm gonna be my own woman,
I'm breathing in everything all around me
I'm gonna enjoy what I have
I'm just making hay
While the sun's shining
That's what I'm gonna do!

Hasta la vista, Baby!


(C) Copyright 1999
Tina Helmerding
All Rights Reserved