No where to turn, no way to run
No inertia only the fall
and the chasm has no end
but despair..

I watch you in your Tower,
fragile glass spun from dreams,
and hope, turning dark
Where do I go, and what do I do ?

For all my power and worth,
I am nothing to the wind,
as the Silicon Avatar says nothing,
shows nothing..

The Tower crumbles as I see
Reality corrupting all
Turning your threads of dreams to dust.
Where now, and what purpose is left ?

I hold the tatters of Legends
My hands turned to claws
rending the Veil that blinds me
seeing eternity..

Your Tower is gone
You stand alone on the Iron Box
Your soul, locked and sealed
Where is the key, what is sealed ?

I know the fear..
I know the hate..
I know the pain..
I know the anger..
I know the betrayal..
I know the isolation..
I know the dark places..
I know the frustration..
I know the paths to death..
I have been there..


(C) Copyright 1999
All Rights Reserved