Lifelink Bay

 * * *

Listen to the silence,
Interrupted by Neptune's pride.
Nature's languid thief

 * * *

Poem Withdrawn

This poem is one of several by Maxine Annabell which has been withdrawn at the publisher's request.  Scribble would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Maxine, and to urge those who are fond of her work to buy a copy when it appears early in June. Further enquires should go to 

MapleInk Publishing
PO Box 15267
Boston, MA
Please see MapleInk's webpage for more information on the company and details on royalties and submission guidelines.  

Please direct any questions to

 * * *

Lingering perfume did remain.
Heady upon the wind it rode,

 * * *



(C) Copyright October, 1999
Maxine Annabell
All Rights Reserved