A Psychologist's Inkblot. Almost as good as Cloud Gazing




   What the Bishop kids did see. 

   In the quiet of the night when all children are tucked in tight
  The Bishop kids wre peeping through the windows and the door. 
  What sight do you think they saw? 
  There was a Rat in Granddad's missing hat. 
  A mouse with a big bag sneaking around the house. 
  A strange looking dog dancing with the neighbours Bull Frog. 
  A Vampire Bat sleeping under the front door mat. 
  A Fox wearing spotty socks and climbing out of our letter box. 
  A spider having a cuppa tea with the big bumble bee. 
  And high up in the tree all he birds laughing at all they could see. 

3 August, 1998

If you found a dinosaur, would your mother look like this ?
Poor old Webby
Webby the pet rat got sick and died
The children looked at him and sighed. 
He should have a proper funeral said "Jim" 
So they found Mum's best biscuit tin, 
There they lay poor old Webby in. 
With flowers and a cross to say .. This is where our pet Webby does lay. 
He's in Heaven now said Jim 
I can see him 

Jim pointed to a cloud 
What do you think he saw? 
A rat sitting eating the biscuits from within 
Mum's best biscuit tin. 

3. August, 1998

Would you serve it bugs and leaves for tea ?

If you found a Dinosaur. 

What would you do if you found a dinosaur? 
Would you hold it by the paw ?
Being careful of its claw ?
Would you ask "Would you like to come home with me? "
Would you serve it bugs and leaves for tea ? 
Would you squeeze it through the front door ? 
And lead it across mum's newly polished floor? 
If you found a dinosaur, would you sneak it in the house? 
As quiet as a mouse? 
If you found a dinosaur, would your mother shout and run about? 
Would she whack it on the snout, and chase the poor thing out? 
Would you brush its hair? 
Without any fear? 
Would you take it to school? 
For a swim in the pool? 
Would you read it a bed-time fairy tale? 
And look after it if it was sick and pale? 
If you found a dinosaur, would you like to find more? 
Would you like to find one or two? 
and create your own pre-historic zoo?