The One Song

 And with the tenth moon,
 The Song of the One
 Entered the earthen womb
 And came forth,
 That there might be hope with the world.
 But the Song did not then endure,
 The time of preparation yet to complete.

And at the expected time
The Song shall come again.
A clear voice,
Crying out upon deliverance
Such that all might hear. 
And whomever hears 
Shall join in the cry. 
Each voice a song --
Unique and common -- 
Of the way, 
Beginning to end.

 And in time they shall be one voice.
 For whomever sings the song
 Shall become the Song.
 The Song of the One.
 The One Song --
 That endures forever.


(C) Copyright August,1999
William Ezra
All Rights Reserved