Hands on the console
                                   endlessly pressing
                                   constantly moving
                                   Eyes darting
                                   absorbed in his reality
                                   blind to all else.

                                  Sound fading,
                                   he tunnels
                                   onto the emanations
                                   before him.
                                   The characters swirl
                                   living in his mind
                                   as those around him
                                   do not.

                                   He knows them well,
                                   his friends
                                   himself a hero immortal
                                   free of the flaws
                                   of existence in life.

                                   Fighting away
                                   mobile in strength
                                   as well as in mind
                                   cunning and swift
                                   he kills without pause.

                                   Ending the quests
                                   finding the girl
                                   eyes bright
                                   with excitement
                                   and love
                                   and self-worth.

                                   A noise creeps in
                                   his mother's high voice
                                   calling him "Georgie!"
                                   and shattering his poise.

                                   No longer swift or cunning
                                   he turns
                                   wheeling his chair
                                   breaking away
                                   from his world so fair.

                                   No more eyes bright
                                   now dull
                                   from the life
                                   that steals him of light.

© 1999