Purgatory Pass

Caught in limbo,
driven by the bloodbeat
demon drums.
Beaten by the stick,
as standards fall.
How low can you go,
bending backward,
before you break?

Caught in limbo
between action and depression,
closed roads, dead ends
unviable options.
Purgatory's harsh to visit,
hard to leave
and a hell of a place to stay.

Even in limbo
nothing stands still.
Climbing a scree slope,
to stop is to slip,
treading water,
rest and drown.
Please God,
catch my drift.

Caught in limbo
may the purge be swift
and purgatory pass
so I can move on.
If I must shout my sick sins
from a city hill, so be it.
There's too much at stake
to stay stuck.



(C) Copyright, May  2000
Andrew Charles Dallaston
All Rights Reserved