Love Song for the Millennium

In the millennium...
jets and satellites 
will fall out of the sky,
the streams of food and money,
will suddenly run dry,
our appliances won't save us,
without a power supply,
but we'll still be together, 
you and I
in the millennium.

In the millennium...
I'll accomplish something great,
write a novel, take up yoga,
lose an awful lot of weight,
open up that vintage bottle, 
though it's past its use by date,
maybe detonate a nuclear device
to celebrate,
the millennium.

In the millennium...
what will our children face,
as we pass the peak of progress
the downhill slide gains pace,
will our poor old poisoned planet,
doom the teeming human race,
or will God show up and reassert
that she's still on the case,
in the millennium?

In the millennium...
all that's certain is 
we'll age, wear out and die.
Time steals more than it gives us, 
as the years race madly by,
but we'll walk into the future 
with our love and hope held high,
for we'll still be together,
you and I 
in the millennium.



(C) Copyright July, 1999
Andrew Charles Dallaston
All Rights Reserved