on we marched towards the sun,
our way ahead unclear,
the road ahead began to fade,
but still we tramped on our parade,
we made no bones, we closed our eyes,
and lived our lives without a sigh.

and then we reached the bitter end,
our courage sapped for good,
the sun was huge, a calling light,
we weren't about to stage a fight,
we made our peace, we closed our eyes,
and vanished without asking why.


the songs we sang find place for pause
a sanctuary, a silence.
we needn't sing them anymore,
why throw up defiance?
the voices in the dark grow quiet,
until every one is gone,
and then the only sound that's heard,
is silence's sweet song.


but all happiness must come to a halt,
we can only suffer our peace to a fault,
to struggle! to cry! to live! to die!

and the light takes our hands and leads us away,
we smile at our friends, we've enjoyed our stay,
we cannot remain at the end of the day,
we can't help but feel we've been led astray.
to struggle! to cry! to live! to die!

oh let us forget the passion of life!
let us ignore our famines and strife,
but then at the end we'll know we'll arrive,
without ever really feeling alive.
to struggle! to cry! to live! to die!

to make sweet our bitterness!
to embrace our whole world!
to live without fear
of death drawing near!
to struggle! to cry! to live! to die!


(C) Copyright 1999
Tristan Jakob-Hoff
All Rights Reserved

[Midi Files]

Tristan is a composer. It stands to reason that he writes poetry with the 'sound in his mind'. The following midi files are available for download. These are Tristan's Compositions and an integral part of the three poems above. These works were written to be heard on the Yamaha S-YG20 or S-YG50 Soft Synthesizer. It might be an idea to download the Yamaha Virtual Sound driver. Tristan takes no responsibility for how they will sound on a different sound set-up. 

These midis, like the poems themselves, are copyrighted to Tristan Jakob-Hoff in the year 1999. Any unauthorized distribution, performance, or publication constitutes copyright infringement, and legal action may be taken. All Rights Reserved.

 FINALITY   (7.05 KB)
 SILENCE   (4.69 KB)
 REBIRTH (12.0 KB)