Womb men
On Learning that there are 180 (mostly derogatory) words for women and 60 for men, approximately in the English language.

We are left,
trying to be right,
 the dark trying to be light,

yin confusing yang, 
all because history has punished us so severely
we fear to be exposed as ourselves,
cling to our ordained order,
judging ourselves lest others judge us,
imprisoning our spirit in a language and a culture
who will judge us less,
and themselves more.

I am womb. 
dark infinity.
The source of life
waits patiently
to bed itself in me. 
I am time
every month
spring, summer
autumn and winter
travel my universe
 if You enter
 seed in season,
I am creator,
my blood, my breath
my heart beating life.
You and I are one,
we traverse from conception
to death within this bodily temple.
Gift of family continuum,
passing ourselves onward toward





(C) Copyright November, 1999
Mandy Mackay
All Rights Reserved