Alone in the midst of the forest of single-mindedness
I walk upon the carpet of solidarity and identify the 
Reaching of tomorrow across the midnight's stroke of time.

 I walk with the sounds of the stillness
And feel the dancing of the wind upon my skin.
Closing my eyes, I can distingush the dew blanketing my hair
And the fog enfolding me within its armor.

In this sphere of nothingness, I am not happy or sad.
I don't look for tomorrow and care nothing about yesterday.
I search for no hope but am far from hopeless.
I desire not to be helpless but offer no help.
I am more simply more because I refuse to be less.

In this forest of lost souls, I walk upon the carpet of harmony.
Being touched by the wind, washed by the dew and enfolded by the fog.
In this forest I am unaccompanied but have the company of one  --  self





(C) Copyright  2001
Jayne Waggoner
All Rights Reserved