Its so old now, he sneered
Upgrade now or we can't help you
Maybe an 'older person' can
We have a few here
Strewth he starting talked to me
The other day about something called Dos !!

Then and Now

Some live back then
Insist on reliving the past
The glory days when wine and woman were aplenty
Where they glory days or were we just young
And life had no restrictions
Bar an occasional rejection
There were few, life was good
Woman were plenty, wine flowed freely
Songs were sung and fights always won

But now, there is long days of loneness
And misspelt passages
My misspent youth doesn't haunt me
So why do you want to drag me back there my friend
My life is here now and I don't mind
I am happy in the here and now, alone maybe
Be happy with your new woman
Your wife wasn't stolen from you, she ran
Learn something from it, it can happen again.



(C) Copyright Winter, 2000
Ewan Elliott
All Rights Reserved