Never Ever

Opportunities arose, to clear my name
To regain the respect I once had
Once felt a natural thing to have
Now eked out by people with less shallow minds

Than those that thought it was 'fun' even profitable
YES - they were paid to do this
Not as we usually understand getting paid
But paid in good contracts, easy times, good jobs

They thought it fun to see the 'great' fallen and lowered
They probably wondered why I didn't
Didn't grasp the chances that fate threw my way
To once again walk tall and fearlessly through shallow men
And so do I, So why didn't I?

But now I stumble on a crutch through the crowds
Hearing the whispers, the jeers, the insults
I have heard it for so long now
It's almost familiar, almost a part of me
Almost - but never real, never ever real.



(C) Copyright December, 1999
Ewan Elliott
All Rights Reserved