I sit in the garden and watch them
 busy with their lives
 coming and going around me
 no thoughts of war or strife.

 Busy they are with nests to build
 and chatting to each other
 flitting around me, coming quite close
 watching me with their soft brown eyes.

 One small female, bolder than most
 suddenly comes and stands on my knee
 I watch her, I sit quiet and still
 as she preens her feathers.

 She flies away but leaves behind
 a feeling of joy within
 that she trusted a human not to harm
 her tiny body when she wanted a friend.

 A short time later back she comes
 and growing bolder this time
 lands on my leg and looks around
 and hops up to my lap.

 I slowly move my hand
 and open it out for her
 she takes the hint and hops on it
 and stands and eyes me from there.

 There seems to be a bit of trust
 between two different lives
 and quite content and at peace
 she settles down for a while.

 Next day she comes to me again
 no fear now, she knows no pain
 this time my shoulder is her perch
 and my ear takes her attention.

 Her tiny feet a joy to feel
 as she hops around me now
 safe she feels and confident
 no harm will come her way.

 My head is the next place explored
 and as she feels my hair
 becomes a little unsure
 as her feet are not so secure.

 I feel her tiny beak explore
 my scalp and all around
 she pulls a hair and off she flies
 to weave it into her nest.

 She comes to me each day now
 a new friend in this world
 and without fear she helps herself
 to the food I offer her.

 Her friendship now consumes me
 her trust is something new
 she makes me feel a part of her
 and brings me joy anew.

 Time goes by and now I miss
 her tiny feet upon my hand
 but she is busy now with eggs
 and I must wait until she's through.

 The days go by and once again
 I see her leave her nest
 lands on the lawn and then
 comes to my feet, head cocked.

 I get up slowly, she stays her ground
 I go and get some bread
 she's waiting for me, head askew
 as I place it on the grass.

 I got it right, we speak the same,
 she eagerly feeds herself
 and then picks up one small piece
 and flies up to her home.

 A friend for life we both have made
 she trusts me all the way
 the babies grow and in time
 fly off for a life of their own.

 She doesn't leave though
 for in this world, friendship
 is a gift, which she respects
 and I respect her too.

 As dawn breaks and I awake
 I realise my dream
 and write it down with all respect
 for you to ponder on.

 For is this not how life should be
 where all can trust each other
 not live in fear and terror
 but share in peace all things.


(C) Copyright September 1999
Bob King
All Rights Reserved