Why is life so much a pretence?
 what is it that makes us live a lie?
 we spend our time pretending this
 we spend our time pretending that
 what is it in mankind's makeup
 that makes us live a life of deceit?

 Harmless is most of our pretence
 and yet that doesn't make it right
 for some it is a game, for some a fight
 we go through life pretending
 and never realize the lie we are living
 for pretence becomes a part of giving.

 We pretend we're happy when we're not
 we pretend we're sad and know its rot
 we pretend to be in love and yet we know
 that really fascination is on show
 most of the time we do not even realize
 that the face we show others is a malaise.

 How do we ever find out that another
 doesn't mean what they say or say
 what they mean? How can we make our life
 ever become more real and face the strife
 that comes from not pretending? Perhaps
 the answer is to just pretend.


(C) Copyright October, 1999
Bob King
All Rights Reserved