(part 2, no less)

It's been a long time now,
And I know it wasn't to be,
I know more than you think,
more than you know about me.

Its just gone three years I think,
I'd be surprised if you know my name,
But then I forgot the anniversary,
Though to remember would be my shame.

We do have a friend in common,
Someone who knows the truth within
Your shame does continue without me,
and God knows you're not worth the sin.

Isn't it nice to see that
In the end nice guys do come last,
We stick around to see your downfall,
When your present stays just like your past.

If we were to meet today,
I know what would be the reception,
But will you ever admit,
to your lies and your deception?

If these words are ever read
By you and your beau,
I hope the truth doesn't hurt him,
the same as what should I know.

[c] sometime leading up to 990504.

I think about all we've said,
And everything we've had,
I been doing some hurtin',
Something I feel is sad,
I'm uncertain about the future,
Solitude lasts for a while,
Some commotion about the emotions,
And your dubious smile.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring,
Could I possess the strength?
I knew reshaping my life had its risks,
I knew soul searching can be intense.
I can sit and write about it now,
We could talk about it for a while,
But my defeated sighs and watery eyes,
are from your dubious smile.

Eddie Kyle