Where were you when we needed you?
 why didn't you answer our call?
 why didn't you protect our women and children
 hiding behind the old church wall?

 Why didn't you stop the killing?
 you had the power to cry "enough"
 or is it true what people are saying?
 you just don't give a stuff!

 We want answers now,
 we're surrounded by the horrors of war
 very soon the murderous swine
 will come crashing through our doors.

 They'll smash their way in, nothing is sacred
 everything there for the taking
 mothers, sisters and daughters,
 even the bread that was baking.

 Then they'll say in the name of the state
 that we will have to leave straight away
 we've got thirty minutes to pack up and go
 and the border's a long way away.

 We're not asking for riches, just our homes back
 our needs are simple enough
 just heed our pleas we beg of you
 or maybe you don't give a stuff.

(c) 24 July 1999