The Lament of an Angel

I cannot believe I'm invisible.  I believe
I'm visible, but
Rarely are our beliefs true.
There's so much evidence to prove I'm invisible.

I see images of myself in mirrors,
Perhaps a mirage,
An illusion produced by my intense desire
To have a body.

I went to a cocktail, everybody huddled together, talking.
No one saw me.  I did a dance in the middle of the floor.
No one noticed.  I walked down a crowded street,
Kept stepping out of peoples' ways.  No one saw me.

I became convinced I was invisible
When I saw my next door neighbor with the dark hair
Picking up beer bottles thrown in her yard
During a night of a block party.

She was wearing a low necked midriff.
I rushed over to discuss garbage disposal.
I spoke friendly.  She did not see me,
Kept dropping bottles in a brown plastic bag.

I spoke again.  She still did not see me.
I was standing only three feet from her.



(C) Copyright November, 1999
Duane Locke
All Rights Reserved