The Nexus Collection

Bring the Flame
Hibiscus flight
I love you, see
Moonlit Feast 
Mourning Catastrophe
Reclining figures
Samoan Laughter




Doug Poole


Ta lofa. 

I've very rarely fallen so completely for the works of a poet who is new to me, as I fell for these poems by Doug Poole. These are, to me, love poems, heart openers, warm and rich with all kinds of loyalty, sensuous awareness and multilevel depths. This is love with consequences, relationship that encompasses time, place, laughter, family and the air around us. There is here so much awareness, so many threads of word play, all in the form of simple observations. There's a sense of shape, texture and shifting light in these works. They have a cleanness, almost a familiarity. And why not? I find myself with one of the Reclining Figures part of my mental furniture.

Suffice to say, you will be better to read the poems than to read anything I might say of them. 

In his letter of introduction Doug Poole writes:

"I am based in Auckland and of Samoan - English descent. I write poetry purely as a form of self expression, enjoyment and sheer love of it. I hope you enjoy the following works and find some of them acceptable for publication.

"I am regularly on Poetry Downunder based in Perth Australia, in the U.S,, NZ writers website and soon to have a e-chapbook published by Aotearoa books based in Kaeo Northland."

and now, as they used to say in the old days, read on ...